Silent No More

Sufferer’s of Fibromyalgia usually suffer in silence. No one understands their pain, and it is often too hard or unbelievable to try to describe it. Most often it is met with disbelief or as a cry for attention. The medical community, until recently, only fed into that stereotype. Unfortunately some still do. Pain is invisible, and can’t be measured. I know many of sufferers are often labeled as “drug seekers” or handed off to a Psychiatrist, as if they had some mental disorder.

My journey with Fibromyalgia, Fibro for short, began approximately 15 years ago. It falls into a category with a diagnosis such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Where there are no clear cut diagnostic tests that doctors can run, that can say definitively that you have either one of these disorders.

This makes it so complicated to understand and to explain to friends and loved ones just what is going on. I so often hear “It’s all in your head”, or the never ending lists of good intentioned people suggesting this or that might be the reason, or if something could help. Usually involving questions that begin with “Have you tried this?” or “Have you tried that?” (I hate to admit it but I have become resentful when I hear these well meaning questions. If it were that simple don’t you think I would have thought of that by now.) I have to remind myself that they do not know what it is like to wake up in my life.

Every morning before I open my eyes I slowly move each part of my body to assess the pain… “Is it going to be a good day?” I quietly ask myself. Most of the time that answer is no. Some days my husband hands me my medication and a drink, on the better days I can manage myself.  Then I lay in bed waiting for the meds to kick in so I can get up and begin my day. On the bad days I need my husband’s assistance to help me get up. On the better mornings I can manage to roll out of bed, but such a simple task that most people take for granted, is one that I struggle with on a daily basis.

Quality of life is what I strive for. I yearn for a balance of happiness and pain. Everything I do, I mentally balance, as if on a scale. If I do this… or that…. how can I counterbalance it to make it worth it? The biggest factor on that balance is my youngest daughter. Her smile, laughter, happiness always come first. Then I have my husband, my role as a wife, and the tasks of being a homemaker.

So often something has to suffer to fulfill a more necessary goal. Such as doing the dishes over mopping the floor. Or not washing the laundry so I can help my daughter with her homework. It all greatly depends on how I am feeling and what I find to be most important on my “to-do” list. Prioritizing is the key to keeping balance.

I have found many products, tips, and tricks to make some of my daily life easier so I can sacrifice less and have a more productive role in our family. Tasks such as shopping, cleaning the house, cooking dinner are far greater hurdles. So I have learned to shop online, use products that are much easier to use to clean the house with, and many recipes that take very little time and effort to prepare. I plan on sharing these with you, and hope that you too will find their benefit.This is one of the biggest reason I have started this blog. Is to help others like me who suffer from chronic health conditions become a more active participant in their own lives and in the lives of their families.

My quest is never ending, and I would like to take you along, as I discover new ways of coping and succeeding. I want to discover the best sites, and the most useful tools that can add to our quality of life. So we spend less time worrying about it and more time living a happy and fulfilling life!


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