Thank you all for your messages…  I am sorry at this time I cannot reply to each.  A lot has been going on in my life that I will explain further in future posts.  I am happy to see I have people who are interested in my blog….  In the future I will work a lot harder maintaining it.  Once you read about all that has been going on I hope you will understand….  I did get a question about my blog…  As what I use…  I use WordPress…  And it is hosted privately…  I have only been blogging since this one was created…  I have a very good friend who has helped me set up most of the main format…  But it is very easy to edit…  I also have a few new interests that I am excited to share…  I am heading out on vacation next week,  but I promise loads of updates once I get home :0) Thank you so much for your interest and please don’t give up on me….  :0)

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